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Past Life Regression for Pets?

Today while riding home on the train from work, I was glancing through the ads on the back page of a local alternative weekly newspaper, when my eye was caught by the following ad:


More often than you may realize, this behavior is caused by past life events intruding upon the present day subconscious. Get your pet the help he or she needs. Call CORKY the Pet Psychic, (215) 555-1490.

Now, it happens that Sugar has, once again, started to roam around the house yowling late at night, when esrblog and I are trying to sleep. So what she's calling out is "Heathcliff! Heathcliff!" If only I'd known. :-)

I can't imagine how anyone could possibly even pretend to deal with the "past life events" of a cat or dog who can't speak, and can't be reliably manipulated by speech alone. But the ad amused me, all the same.
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